Camp Location/Neighborhood Info

We have been placed at 9:45 and A this year:

Our neighbors (who allowed their info to be shared) are:

  • Vampire Empire
    • The Old World Vampires from Transylvania have colonized BRC and built an Empire with their hypnotic talents and hard work of their familiars. At the imperial palace you will be welcomed into sparkling coffins, served with bloody cocktails and late night bat pizzas, enjoy our fancy victorian lounge areas, vintage gothic organs, imperial torture toys, the temple of timeless romance, and most importantly you will enter into a 24/7 Rominimal trance in the Church of Funkion One. It is not excluded that you will partake in public spankings, theatre, fire dancing, hilarious conversations and immortality. Perhaps even participate in one of our Miss Stake contests.
  • Electric Cheese Land
    • Electric Cheeseland brings the fun of the Apres-Ski culture to the desert. Yodel songs, cheesy evenings to taste delicious food from the Alps, play interactive games and cheer with a shot of vodka. The “Naked Cheese nights” will feed the crowd with melted cheese, the “Cheese-n-Chill tent” will provide shelter and entertainment and the Polish Vodka Bar will challenge anyone’s knowledge about flavors and mixology.
    • Love Halloween? Then come join us at the best haunt on the playa.

      If you dust off your Halloween costume and join us, we will have sealed candy for you.

      Open Monday through Friday, 7 pm to 12 am.